Office 365 – nexellent private cloud – on premises

Success story 

Swiss telematics provider Telematix relies on the Swiss private cloud from nexellent to operate its back-office applications. For Office 365 they rely on the public cloud from Microsoft. Telematix continues to operate the development environment onsite and creates automated backups based on Rubrik Air in the nexellent cloud. nexellent also maintains the full hybrid infrastructure and provides support.




‘We have a completely different relationship with nexellent than we would ever have with a global provider. Having a direct line and its swift, professional support are very important to us.’
Markus Hübscher, Senior Project Manager/KAM at Telematix




Telematix provides telematics solutions that support operations in particularly sensitive and critical transportation, security and industrial areas. Depending on requirements, the complete solutions are implemented using in-house and third-party products, as well as customer-specific extensions.

Industry: ICT service provider

Number of employees: 30

Initial situation:

  • Back office applications at the nexellent data centre
  • Microsoft Office installed locally
  • Development environment onsite, backups on tape


  • Data storage in Switzerland
  • All data backed up geo-redundantly
  • Up-to-date and secure Microsoft Office applications


  • Back office applications in nexellent’s Swiss private cloud
  • Office 365 from the public cloud
  • Local development environment onsite with backup to the nexellent data centre
  • Two leased lines: Hombrechtikon-Zurich, Bern-Zurich
  • Long-term archiving in a second nexellent data centre
  • Support and monitoring
  • Two-factor authentication (SMS)

Cloud model: Fully managed hybrid cloud



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